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Do I need Roadside Assistance?

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Roadside Assistance: What Is It, and Do I Need It?

People who love to travel, or just to commute long distances, know that travelling, normally, is riddled with issues. Excessive heat, humidity, rains, or even over-working the engine can result in the vehicle breaking down, having a flat tire or in some cases, a complete breakdown. And since you can’t exactly predict when this will happen, you need to be equipped with 24 hours roadside assistance.

What this means is that when your car presents problems that are enough for you to deem it unsafe to drive, a service professional will arrive at your general location, do minor servicing on the vehicle, and get it to the nearest service station. Since, over time, the wear and tear on your vehicle is going to decrease its optimum performance capability, you’ll need to be able to get that 24 hours open roadside assistance.

Adding to Your Insurance Policy

Several insurance providers will usually team up with service professionals across the country to provide the assistance you need when you need it. With the network that your insurance will provide, you’ll always have the option of getting professional help wherever you are. These professionals aren’t always the insurance provider’s personnel. Many a times they are members of an outsourced roadside assistance company’s personnel, and they will assist you depending on where you are, what happened, and the location of the closest service centre, as well as the available personnel.

Because of this ready availability, this becomes particularly useful for the trucking customers, whose load-bearing capacities can sometimes influence the performance of their truck. QuickTireRepair roadside assistance for trucking customers can, therefore, help them whenever they are stranded while delivering their payloads.


A typical roadside assistance can give you several services like-

🚚 Towing Service
If your car refuses to start or can’t be made functional enough to drive to the nearest service station, the professional is going to get a towing vehicle to tow it there. Some insurance providers include this as part of the roadside assistance promise. Yet, for others, this is an add-on feature. However, even for those that include this, there is a limit on the distance that the professional will drive. Beyond that, you’d be charged extra.

🚗 Flat Tire
You can update your location as per the procedure prescribed and a professional will come to where you are to tend to the flat tire. However, this service is usually not available for two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

🔒 Locks
If you are locked out of your vehicle, professionals will help you by trying to wedge the lock open with the help of long tools. If that doesn’t work, a locksmith will be called. However, most policies do not involve the services of a locksmith.

⛽ Fuel Service
If you run out of fuel while on the road, a professional will bring you enough gas so you can drive till the next gas station. This fuel is chargeable on the basis of nearest gas station’s prices.

💥 Extrication
If you’re stuck, or have been involved in an accident and are unable to get out of your car, or if the car has fallen into a ditch or the likes, professionals will extricate you.

What to Lookout for?

  • How old is your vehicle? If it is relatively new, it doesn’t make sense to get the entire roadside assistance package.
  • How far do you travel each day and what is the possibility of a service station being too far?
  • Would you prefer paying for a package and probably never having to use it, or paying for the costs as and when they come up?
  • What sort of access do you have? Do they have apps, GPS locators, or other technologically adaptive features?

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Quick Tire RepairDo I need Roadside Assistance?

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