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Tire Repair Service

Are you facing constant trouble with your tires? Troubles like flat tires, air leaks, or excessive tire wear and tear?

We at Quick Tire Repair understand that constant driving on Mississauga roads can be tough on your tires. After all, your tires take the brunt of damaged roads, potholes, and sharp nails.

Be it just an air leak or a major tire repair work, our tire experts at Quick Tire Repair can solve all your tire related problems.

Looking for a 24-hour tire repair shop?

We are a “tire repair near you which is 24 hours open.” We have the necessary expertise and skill to get you back on the road, pronto.

Our tire services are mainly available at:

  1. Mississauga
  2. Toronto
  3. Brampton and adjoining areas

Need to Fix a Flat Tire?

Need to fix a flat tire or maybe you’re just looking for a tire repair service in GTA. In any case, do give us a call at (647) 707-6087.

Did you know, that driving with a flat tire can cause considerable damage and can also lead to fatal accidents? If you didn’t, then now you do.

How our services help:

  • Adjusting the rim of your wheel
  • Fix considerable damage sustained by the tire sidewalls
  • Prevent tire blowouts
  • Reduce the risk of vehicle control failure when driving at high speeds

At Quick Tire Repair our expert mechanics will help you to figure out if you need to repair or change your tire altogether.

Mobile tire service that comes to you

Call (647) 707-6087 when you need fast and convenient mobile tire services that come to you in Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton, Caledon, GTA, Vaughan, Orangeville, Burlington, Milton, Guelph, and surrounding area. Our experts for tire repair can check through your tire treading and recommended which tires need to be replaced.

Need tire repairs?

For all services related to tire repair in Mississauga and surrounding areas, Quick Tire Repair have the right solutions.

Important Fact: Do you know that a common cause for tire damage is incorrect air pressure?

While repairing your tire with us, we take a note if air pressure in your tires is right. Which will improve:

  • Your fuel economy
  • Make driving safer and
  • Increase your tire life

Along with tire pressure, our tire experts can check for:

  • Tire damages caused by incorrect air pressure
  • Improper wheel suspension
  • Tire balancing issues

They can guide you on whether your tires can be repaired or need to be replaced. You can put your trust on us!

Change your tire on time!

If your automobile tires have not been replaced for over 10 years, it is probably time to get new tires. It is also recommended to get your tires checked every year by experts after 5 years (or more) of use. Driving with old tires having uneven treading can cause a blowout at any time or even fatal accidents. So change your tire today!

Looking for the right place for tire change near you? At QTR, sell new tires at wholesale prices for the current automobile variants in Canada.

Quick Tire RepairTYRE REPAIR
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Get Wholesale Truck Tires at Great Prices Right at Your Fingertips or
Find Wholesale Truck Tires of All Kinds at This One-Stop Shop

While dealing with trucks, tires can be one of the biggest expenses that you would incur. Typically, trucks travel hundreds of miles every day, traversing rough and often difficult terrain to carry heavy loads to remote parts of the country. Naturally, looking after the tires, and having easy access to a large, affordable vendor for wholesale truck tires becomes a key necessity in this business.

wholesale truck tires

We aim to give you the best

Because of the inherent nature of the trucking business and the way trucks operate, one of your key necessities would be to ensure that your wholesale tire vendor for trucks is adequately equipped to serve a wide variety of trucks as part of your fleet. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing prices of new tires, it may often be essential for you to opt for

  • High quality used tires,
  • Great balance of quality
  • Provides a safe trip
  • Affordability

It is seldom possible to always invest in new tires when maintaining an active, rolling truck fleet, which is where the used truck tires come in handy.

Type of Products

At Quick Tire Repair, we provide the best balance of wholesale tire solutions for all your trucking requirements.

  1. Wholesale orders
  2. Consumer scale tire services for all tire sizes
  3. Semi trucks tires
  4. Tire for Pick-ups
  5. Off-roaders Tires
  6. Sports Tires

Quick Tire Repair offers a one-stop solution for all your tire requirements. Why search blindly for ‘tire shop near me in Mississauga,’ when you can merely dash down the road for comprehensive, quality tire consultancy and expert services for your fleet of trucks?

trucking tires wholesale price

Our business also provides tires for all terrains, suitable for all kinds of heavy vehicles.

Depending on the estimate of your business and your requirement, you can make your pick after going through our vast inventory of products:

  • New tires
  • Refurbished tires
  • Used tires that have been maintained in mint condition.

We also provide great discounts for all purchases made with us, including the ability to buy tires for your truck fleet at wholesale prices.

Quick Tire Repair is one of the leading truck tire wholesalers in Mississauga and has an excellent inventory of tires, which practically ensures that you do not ever need to look elsewhere, for any of your truck tire woes.

Quick Tire RepairWHOLESALE
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Roadside Services for Trucks

Are you running a successful truck business in Canada or drive commercial trucks all across the country? Assistance can be required at any point of time, as a truck owner you need a prompt service that would help with all your needs. We at Quick Tire repair can help with tire-related problems with your truck during transportation or have a broken truck in the middle of nowhere.

Why choose roadside services with us?

The increasing number of truck breakdowns in Canada is a major concern for business owners. Flat tires or engine-related problems can occur anytime resulting in transportation delays or even loss of customer business.

We provide with below services:

  1. Emergency service at one call
  2. Experienced mechanics who can work smoothly
  3. Friendly staff who will answer your questions
  4. Inexpensive service

Subscribe to a quality roadside assistance program and you are assured of complete peace of mind 24 hours daily and 365 days in the year. Just make one call, and our experts will be there to provide quick roadside assistance surrounding GTA, Canada.

Why Quick Tire Repair?

Quick Tire Repair provides roadside assistance services to its customers running a small to large commercial truck business in Canada. Our services are available for all the trucks that you operate in your company for commercial purposes. Apart from tire-related services, we also provide vehicle towing and battery-boosting services.

We are always available!

Your commercial truck drivers are assured of quality on-site help regardless of the location or what the problem is. Our professional and experienced service executives can identify the problem with your vehicle and suggest suitable solutions. Our business provides service 24/7 and 365 days in the year, thus ensuring that your trucks are always moving.

Quick Tire Repair offers its customers with roadside assistance services in Mississauga and other surrounding GTA areas such as Brampton and Toronto etc. We provide a range of annual plans that are priced at competitive rates. You can subscribe to the suitable plan depending on the number of annual service calls (that you are looking for) and your yearly budget. Subscribers to our plans are also provided with a dedicated number 647-707-6087 to contact us during an emergency breakdown.

Contact us today and subscribe to our roadside assistance program to get the peace of mind you deserve to manage your growing truck business.

Quick Tire RepairROAD SERVICES
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Wheel Alignment Service 101: How to Get the Right Wheel Balance in Your Car or Here’s Why It Is Important to Find a Trusted Wheel Alignment Service Provider near You

Owning your first car is always a fantastic feeling. However, once you’ve spent some time with your car, there can come a sense of disillusionment as you soon realize that maintaining a car is no small feat. With multiple factors that can go wrong, it is crucial that you always maintain your car to perfection, and one of the most important factors in this is opting for good wheel alignment service providers.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the act of ensuring that your car’s wheels are seamlessly aligned, both vertically, in parallel across the axle, and among each other. When a car is shipped from the production line, its wheels are aligned from the factory.
Main reasons that affect your wheel alignment:

    • Rough Roads
    • Off-road and rash driving
    • General wear and tear

In these cases, you might experience your car pulling towards one side of the road or producing unusual vibrations that you had previously not experienced.

Why Is It Important?

Misaligned tires can be very risky since they can cause a vehicle to become unstable, which in turn may cause accidents due to loss of control. If you are facing the same issue, it is important to go to a service center and get your car checked. Even if you are not facing any of the symptoms we mentioned, it is generally a good practice to have your vehicle inspected every once in a while, especially after a long journey, and particularly after you’ve gone off-road. This will also allow you to get an estimate of the wheel alignment and balancing cost.

Whom do I trust?

If you have been searching for ‘best wheel alignment service near me’ across the internet, look no further. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Quick Tire Repair is among the best wheel alignment services Mississauga has on offer.
Our services are:

  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Regular
  • Offered at competitive prices

Staying safe on the road is imperative, and ensuring that your car’s wheels are aligned before you embark on a journey is crucial to ensure that all your safety checkboxes are ticked. Happy road tripping!

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