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While dealing with trucks, tires can be one of the biggest expenses that you would incur. Typically, trucks travel hundreds of miles every day, traversing rough and often difficult terrain to carry heavy loads to remote parts of the country. Naturally, looking after the tires, and having easy access to a large, affordable vendor for wholesale truck tires becomes a key necessity in this business.

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We aim to give you the best

Because of the inherent nature of the trucking business and the way trucks operate, one of your key necessities would be to ensure that your wholesale tire vendor for trucks is adequately equipped to serve a wide variety of trucks as part of your fleet. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing prices of new tires, it may often be essential for you to opt for

  • High quality used tires,
  • Great balance of quality
  • Provides a safe trip
  • Affordability

It is seldom possible to always invest in new tires when maintaining an active, rolling truck fleet, which is where the used truck tires come in handy.

Type of Products

At Quick Tire Repair, we provide the best balance of wholesale tire solutions for all your trucking requirements.

  1. Wholesale orders
  2. Consumer scale tire services for all tire sizes
  3. Semi trucks tires
  4. Tire for Pick-ups
  5. Off-roaders Tires
  6. Sports Tires

Quick Tire Repair offers a one-stop solution for all your tire requirements. Why search blindly for ‘tire shop near me in Mississauga,’ when you can merely dash down the road for comprehensive, quality tire consultancy and expert services for your fleet of trucks?

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Our business also provides tires for all terrains, suitable for all kinds of heavy vehicles.

Depending on the estimate of your business and your requirement, you can make your pick after going through our vast inventory of products:

  • New tires
  • Refurbished tires
  • Used tires that have been maintained in mint condition.

We also provide great discounts for all purchases made with us, including the ability to buy tires for your truck fleet at wholesale prices.

Quick Tire Repair is one of the leading truck tire wholesalers in Mississauga and has an excellent inventory of tires, which practically ensures that you do not ever need to look elsewhere, for any of your truck tire woes.

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