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Simple things you can do when there is a nail in your car tire

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Being prepared for any crisis is always a good thing. Like we always keep an emergency fund to use in times when things get tough. But, it is a bit harder to be prepared for a few unexpected crises like having a nail in your car tire. What can you do in such a situation?

Imagine, you are walking up to your auto and out of the blue, you notice a nail is stuck in your car tire. What will you do? Check whether or not the air in your car tire is leaking, look out for a mobile tire service, drive off, or do nothing. Many questions could come to your mind about what you can do next.

Noticing a nail head in your car tire doesn’t mean the tire is completely flat. But, there indeed is something wrong that could get ruined completely if not repaired in the right way. Never ever drive out on the road with a nailed tire. Instead follow the right steps that can get you back on the steering wheel safe, sound, and swiftly.

A small sharp piece could really be terrible

Whether you are about to drive your car to work or going back home after spending a long span of a hectic day at work, a little piece of metal stuck in your wheel can instantly put you in crisis.

Fairly, a nail or screw stuck in car tires can really leave people high and dry. You will indeed not want to be the part of any such situation. So let’s find out the best possible ways to prevent these accidental nails in your tires.

On an obvious suggestion, avoid driving through the areas where nails are normally being used. Streets with downed poles and trees, or with ongoing construction, and repairs are the most sensitive areas where your car tires can easily come into contact from nails, screws, or any other sharp objects.

If you don’t have any other area to reach out to your destination, be careful and keep your eyes open. See where you are going. Avoid driving over the wood blocks and piles of trash. These objects might have sharp objects embedded.

On a regular basis, give yourself 5 to 10 minutes. Check your tires from time to time for any sharp object embedded into it. Sparing a little bit of time will save you a lot of hassle. 

Steps to be taken if you notice a nail in your car tire

Getting any sharp object in the tire can really be dangerous and jeopardize your life. Before noticing there is a nail embedded into the car, it can be driven on the road for some span of time. So, it is good to follow the right steps.

Check the tire pressure – If you notice a nail inside your car tire it becomes very important to check that the tire air is not leaving rapidly. If the pressure seems low, put on the spare tire immediately until you get the affected tire repaired or replaced by a professional tire repairer. Feel yourself lucky if your tire pressure is only a bit low. You can get air filled in the tire and head over to the repairer to get the issue fixed in a proper way.

Repair the tire – When you visit an auto mechanic shop the tire repairer will demount your car tire and will inspect it thoroughly. For a simple puncture in the middle of the tread area of your car tire, the repairer will simply remove the nail and will using the combination of plug and patch will repair the hole.

In other words, the repairer will plug the hole from the outer surface of your tire and patch it from inside. To note, this repairing process won’t cost you much time and a huge amount. So, let the professional repairer do the task since if not repaired correctly, moisture due to snow or water can get into the tire and destroy the steel belts.

Replace the tire, if nailed – For some sort of punctures, the combination of plug & patch may not work and you may need to fix a flat tire by replacing the entire piece of a tire. This situation can occur only when the puncture is significantly large; like a  ¼ inch or more in diameter.

Moreover, certain areas of a tire like a sidewall or a shoulder can’t be patched. In this case, it is advisable to replace the entire tire instead of repairing. Repairing may jeopardize any part of your auto tire, blow it out making it flat again and in the end, this would for sure cost you more $$$ in any case if you meet an accident.

Helpful Precautions and Preventive Measures

We are always careful and try to keep ourselves and our people safe by our safe and smooth driving skills. But, in some unfortunate circumstances, a nail or any other small piece of a sharp object can puncture your tire. It is always good to avoid coming across any sort of sharp objects and get things stuck in your tire.

Use a tire sealant – Tire sealant can really help you when in trouble. This substance can plug any holes occurred by any sort of sharp objects. Moreover, it can help you prevent air loss in your tire and get you enough time to drive your punctured tire to the repairer.

Check the puncture resistant strips – Older tires never got punctured resistant though they still are road worthy. Add puncture resistant strips on the inner tread of your tire. This will increase its durability and most types of sharp objects may not pierce the tire.

Buy puncture resistant tires – Puncture resistant tires will cost you a bit extra money and may be harder to find in your local vicinity. They will but save you a lot of time, money, and efforts in getting the entire vehicle to a tire repair shop.

Most importantly, get your tire changed as soon as it suffers damage. The easiest way to head to a reputable mechanic you can trust is to follow the “tire repair shop near me” option online. Professionals can address all car related problems the quickest way possible. Immediate repairs will keep your car safe and run smoothly on the roads.

If you are looking for an expert to work on your car tires, the trained and expert technicians at “Quick Tire Repair” can help you in the best way. Feel free to call us or visit our location in GTA and get your car tires checked/repair or tire change today.

Quick Tire RepairSimple things you can do when there is a nail in your car tire

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