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How to Fix a Flat Tire

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Tire puncture is counted amongst the most common problems that happens while driving a car. However, the situation is not as easy as it sounds especially for car owners. Getting stranded at the side of the road without any spare wheel is a horrifying experience for every driver. That is why in this blog, we have come up with a complete solution to this problem with some useful tips. So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic, just follow the below-mentioned tips to fix a flat tire in your vehicle.

6 Useful Tips for Fixing a Flat Tire

1. Find a safe place to park

Though it is not good to drag your vehicle with a flat tire, it is definitely better than taking the risk of stopping your car in a dangerous place. Don’t forget to turn on your hazard lights when you park. Wear your reflective jacket if you have one and position your warning triangle to notify the oncoming drivers.

2. Make your car ready for the repair

Preparing your car before gearing up for the tire repair process includes the following

  • Apply the hand brake
  • Ask all passengers to get out of the car
  • Take out the sealant can and compressor

3. Place the puncture

Check the tire thoroughly to identify the puncture. In case the entire wheel is damaged or there is a rip in the tire sidewall then your repair kit won’t help you much. You will have to replace your tire. If you have a spare tire, then you only need to know about the technique of replacing the old tire with the new one. Otherwise, if you notice a nail or a small piece of glass in the tire, it is better to leave it there instead of trying to take it out.

Steps to Follow While Changing a Flat Tire

4. Connect the repair kit

You need to manually squeeze out all the sealants into the tire through its adapter. You may also require removing the valve to complete the procedure. The instruction in the repair kit or vehicle handbook will assist you in this process. After that, you need to attach the compressor to the tire valve. Then plug the compressor in 12v socket in your car. In order to make sure that the sealant spreads throughout the tire properly, slightly roll the car forward.

5. Inflate the tire

The next step is to start the engine keeping the car in neutral. Then turn on the compressor. Once it is done, pump up the tire to the right PSI/Bar based on the recommendation of your vehicle’s handbook.

6. Replace the tire

Once the tire is inflated following the mentioned tire pressure, drive your car to the nearest garage or a tire repair service provider. Do not try to cross the maximum speed limit mentioned in the car’s handbook.

Lifespan of the repaired tire

This repairing method is just to save you from the sudden trouble so that you can help yourself before searching for a tire puncture repair service near me. It is basically a temporary solution to your problem. You must replace the faulty tire as soon as you can. Dragging your car for a long time with a repaired tire can be dangerous and it increases the risk of police troubles. You must also keep in mind that the foam sealant you use in the repairing process to plug a whole is not suitable for all type of tire damages.

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Quick Tire RepairHow to Fix a Flat Tire

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