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4 Ways to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

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Tires are built to overcome tough challenges on the road. Starting from maneuvering around potholes to passing through bumpy construction sites they face a lot to get you from a place to another safely. Most of the time, they successfully overcome these obstacles but not always. Having a flat tire is something that almost every driver has faced at least once in his or her lifetime. The situation becomes worse if it occurs in the midnight or in a stormy weather as they put the driver’s safety at risk.

Which are most common causes of a flat tire and ways to prevent them

Well, there is no definite way of preventing flat tires but the awareness of the underlying causes can surely help reduce the chance of occurrence.

1. Heat

pressure-checkExcessive heat is one of the major reasons of a flat tire. This is why your tire is most likely to go flat during summer. The air in the tire tends to expand in high temperature which ultimately raises the internal pressure. When the pressure increases, it leads to a leakage or a total blowout. You must not rely on your Tire Pressure Monitoring System to notify you as it only measures your tires when they become under inflated not over inflated.

Prevention- to avoid it you need to check your tire pressure in the morning before starting your journey. This is especially important during the hottest months of the year to prevent over inflation.

2. Poor road conditions

As mentioned above poor road conditions increase the risk of getting a flat tire. Potholes, uneven paving and debris harm your tires to a great extent causing either an immediate issue or a slow leak.

Prevention-road conditions are not on your hands but your steering wheel is. Safe and careful driving is the only way to overcome poor road conditions. You must drive slow and keep a safe distance between your and other vehicles so that you can have time to spot potholes, bumps or road debris.

3. Minor wear and tear

The cause of a flat tire does not have to be a major one always. Sometimes, simple wear and tear can lead to a damage in your tire. As you drive your car on a regular basis, the tread on the tire eventually wears down making your tires more vulnerable to the hazards of daily driving. This increases the chances of your tires to go flat.

Prevention-tire wear is a completely natural procedure but you can take measures to reduce it. These measures include avoiding fast stops and starts, maintaining appropriate tire pressure, investing on regular wheel alignment and regularly rotating your tires.

4. Leakage in the valve stem

flat-tire-repair-kitSometimes a leakage in the valve can play the lead role in damaging your tire. The valve stem is the part of the tire that you unscrew while filling air. Even a small dirt particle on it could cause your tire to lose air until it’s completely flat.

Prevention- as time passes, valve stems become cracked and fragile. A routine car stem inspection by skilled professionals can help you prevent this issue. Sometimes you cannot have control over certain situations. Similarly no measure can give 100% guarantee of flat tire prevention.

However, following the above mentioned prevention tips and safe driving can protect you to some extent. Besides this, you can always keep a flat tire repair kit with you always or learn about how to change a flat tire to stay prepared for any such situation.

Quick Tire Repair4 Ways to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

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